Quick facts about studying in Ireland


  • The Republic of Ireland is a part of the European Union. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, with Belfast as its Capital. The southern Republic of Ireland is a sovereign country and part of the European Union (EU), with Dublin as its Capital.
  • The Republic of Ireland is home to top global companies across ICT, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and multinationals, making it an excellent location for after-study employment.
  • As an international student in the Republic of Ireland, you can work part-time up to 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during holidays.
  • Most institutions offer one-year Master’s study options. However, some universities in Ireland offer two-year’s Master’s programs.


  • The official language of the Republic of Ireland is Irish. However, the people speak and write in English across all sectors, and all courses are taught in English.
  • The Republic of Ireland is very safe and one of the most friendly countries in the world.
  • You can get a post-study work visa – for up to two years.
  • Irish universities are globally ranked on the top educational systems worldwide and enable their graduates for global top positions.
  • You need a valid Ireland study visa (your visa option will depend on your age and study duration).



  • Holmes Institute Dublin – Ireland


  • Griffith College
  • Centre for English Studies Dublin.
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology.
  • Letterkenny Institute of Technology.
  • Limerick Institute of Technology.
  • National College of Ireland.
  • National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • Technological University Dublin.
  • Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.
  • University College.


(Educo Group)

  • Dublin City University- Dublin, Ireland.
  • Griffith College, Ireland.
  • Institute of Technology Carlow- Carlow, Ireland.
  • Atlantic Technological University Sligo – Ireland.
  • Maynooth University- Maynooth, Ireland.
  • Technological University Dublin- Dublin, Ireland.
  • University College Cork – Ireland.


    • Atlas Language School
    • National University of Ireland Galway