Our Story

Who We Are

GRYN INDEX INITIATIVE is an organization that pride in overseas student recruitment, Educational and Visa counseling and is driven to deliver excellence in customer service, innovation and maintain professionalism in order to meet and surpass stakeholder’s expectations.

GII is a world class educational consulting company that provides counseling and professional assistance to students in decision making regarding their career path such as choice of institution and location, and also help with the application processes, thorough review of visa applications by our Visa Experts and adequate pre-interview sessions.

GII was established in 2012 and has been the interest of students in terms of studies abroad since its operation in educational counseling.

Who We Are


To make offshore learning as easy as possible and a dream come true for aspiring African students



To be the most preferred intermediary between students seeking to further their education at various institutions outside the shores of Nigeria and Africa as a whole



  • INTEGRITY: We know that to give real service you must add something that cannot be measured with money which is INTEGRITY
  • TRUST: We earn our customer’s trust by maintaining consistency at what we do. We learn about each customer, we protect their interest, support and respect them
  • COMMITMENT: We always aim to deliver the right service outcomes effectively with great customer experience. SERVICE EXELENCE is our goal.

FRIENDLINESS: We believe friendliness to be the basis of all customer needs and so we effortlessly make our clients feel safe and at home from our warm reception to the final goodbye.

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