1. Applying for admission and visa can be a stressful and complex process. I tried to do it on my own and wasn’t getting anywhere but the staff at Grynindex education made the whole process from application to visa so simple and easy for me. They helped with my documents and were so friendly, helpful and professional giving me all the information I needed to ensure my admission and visa was successful. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with admission or visa’

Tonia, Msc URP, Macquarie University, Sydney


  1. My name is Lydia I’m currently studying at Macquarie University thanks to Gryn Index Initiative. At the time when you have many mediocre parading as consultants and milking unsuspecting prospects. I highly recommend them!


  1. GRYN INDEX INITIATIVE has helped me a lot with my visa application and other related issues to Australia. They were very friendly and helpful. I have never been disappointed in my dealings with Chibuzor. I do recommend them to anyone because they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am now a nurse in Australia thanks to Gryn Index Initiative.


  1. A lot of my friends had been defrauded by travel agent(cies) some without any service rendered, I had been denied visa in the past as well but at Gryn Index Initiative, I was made to sit down and outline my plan after which I was advised on how to achieve my goals; information like the right country, school, and study plan that will beat suit my plan were provided.

I was guided as the plan progressed without any pressure; the payment plan was structured to work for me, convenience of getting all required documents across via email made things easy for me as a move around a lot. In the end when all chips were down and the embassy required further clarifications the agency was there for me like I was their only priority. During this process, my mother asked “how much did you pay this your agent”? I told her, then she said “I think he’s done more than your paid him”.

I learnt a lot working with them, I probably know more than some agents out there but I know better than to parade myself as one. However, I can recommend Gryn index initiative to anyone who really desires the best service because that much I got myself.


5. My sincere appreciation goes to Gryn Index Initiative. Thank you for your amazing quality service.

In Nigeria today, it is difficult to find an honest and sincere agency as yours.

I have a degree in Maritime Engineering and Masters in Environmental Protection and I have always had the dream of moving to Australia but was struggling through the process until I met a friend who introduced me to Mr Chibuzor Onyinlimba, the Special Project Manager of Gryn Index Initiative.

He got me admission into one of Australia’s University in a week,  worked on my Visa processing, got me a less expensive and safe hotel in Nigeria because I had to travel down for the Visa Processing from Europe Estonia where I was resident as at then. He is such an amazing guy and he treated me like a brother. After the Visa processing, it took just two weeks to get my Australian Visa approved.

I’m presently living happily and working in Australia for about two years now.

Thank you Mr Chibuzor Onyinlimba and Gryn Index Initiative!

Dauda Usman




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